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Her Mission

Alexandra is an  advocate for women of color. As a champion for women of color in business, she serves as a startup catalyst who searches for ways to help level the playing field for disadvantaged women entrepreneurs.  Today, her primary focus is to help micro entrepreneurs obtain the resources they need to scale sustainably. 


According to the Federal Reserve there are 2.4 million African American women-owned businesses in 2018, most owned by women 35 to 54. Black women are the only racial or ethnic group with more business ownership than their male peers. Yet, the average revenue gap for businesses owned by women of color and those owned by non-minority women is grotesque. On average, annual sales at businesses owned by black women are two times smaller than the next-lowest demographic group, Hispanic women, and close to five times smaller than for all women-owned businesses. The main reason so many of the businesses are micro is that many black women have difficulty accessing credit and face capital constraints which inhibits growth. 

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